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6 inch Poly Solar Cells with 4 Bus Bars
6 inch Poly Solar Cells with 4 Bus Bars
      Basic parameters
  • ¡¼Name¡½         6 inch Poly Solar Cells with 4 Bus Bars
  • ¡¼Category¡½    Solar Cells
  • ¡¼Model¡½        DH-M-4BB
  • ¡¼Brand¡½         DH-SOLAR
  • ¡¼Original¡½    TAIWAN
  • ¡¼Packing¡½      CARTON+FOAM
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    Physical properties
    • Size
    • Thickness
    Front£ºFour 1 mm wide bus bars(silver)with distance 39mm, alkaline texturized sureface with dark blue silicon nitride AR coating.
    Back£º2.5 mm wide silver/aluminum soldering pads, aluminum local back surface field.
    Performance and quality

    Performance and Quality:

    Industry-Leading Efficiency on P-type Monocrystalline and Multicrystalline Silicon Solar cell

    Robust Reliability Performance for Potential Mudule Benefit Beyond 25 years

    Compatible with Present Module Manufactureing Process

    PID Resistant Confirmed by All Major Customers and testing Labs

    100% In-line Optical and Electrical Inspection

    Electrical Characteristics:

    Efficiency Class17201740176017801800182018401860
    Pmax      (w)4.19 4.23 4.28 4.33 4.38 4.43 4.48 4.53 
    Voc       (V)0.6170.620.6230.6260.6290.6320.6350.638
    Isc       (A)8.7368.7568.7768.7968.8168.8368.8568.876
    Vmax      (V)0.5110.5150.5190.5230.5270.5310.5350.539
    Imax      (A)8.2188.2418.2628.2878.318.3338.3568.379


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