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Black high efficiency solar panel SunPower
Black high efficiency solar panel SunPower
  • ーName― Black high efficiency solar panel SunPower
  • ーCategory―  Battery slice
  • ーModel― AJS-145155-6 3V 3.2W
  • ーBrand― ANJSON
  • ーPlace of Origin― Shenzhen
  • ーPacking― Carton
Detailed introduction

High efficiency Power Sun solar panel charging package dedicated solar panels, conversion efficiency of more than 22%
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The United States imported authentic high efficiency SunPower battery board chip, the PET high temperature lamination, the appearance is beautiful, efficient and practical.
Solar panel type: 3V 3.2W 145155-6
Solar panel voltage: 3V
Solar panel power: 3.2W or above
Solar cell board size 145*155mm with sewing process edge


SunPower not only provides the industry's most efficient solar panels, but also consider the solar panels of the beautiful. Has broken the traditional solar cell board layout mode, Sunpower development of the full black solar panels fully reflects the performance and beautiful combination. Due to the advantages of beautiful, Sunpower solar panels are not only widely used in industry, but also widely used in solar power generation system.
Laminated solar battery plate assembly is by high efficiency crystalline silicon cells in series and parallel, high transmission ultra white glass to the grain, anti-aging EVA and excellent flame resistant TPT hot pressing sealing and, applied anodizing aluminum alloy frame, it has the properties of high efficiency, long service life, convenient installation, wind, hail resistance ability strong.
Product performance is in line with international standards. The use of sealed waterproof, high reliability and multi function terminal box, safe, convenient, reliable. Service life of up to 25 years or more. Widely used in photovoltaic power plants, grid connected power generation, roof system, household power supply system, solar power, solar cell phone battery, communication power, solar energy, solar building and other fields.
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