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Distributed photovoltaic power generation
Distributed photovoltaic power generation
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Detailed introduction

Distributed photovoltaic power generation in the vicinity of the user site construction, operation mode to the user side of the spontaneous self occupied, excess capacity, and in the power distribution system balance adjustment for the characteristics of photovoltaic power generation facilities.
Distributed photovoltaic power generation to comply with local conditions, clean and efficient, decentralized layout, the principle of the nearest use, make full use of local solar energy resources, alternative and reduce fossil energy consumption.
Distributed photovoltaic power generation system is a distributed generation system, which is used to convert solar energy into electricity directly. It is a new type of power generation with broad prospects for development. It advocates the principle of proximity to power generation, the nearest to the grid, the nearest to the conversion, the principle of the nearest use, not only can effectively improve the power generation capacity of the same size, but also effectively solve the problem of power consumption in boost and long-distance transportation.
At present, the most widely used distributed photovoltaic power generation system is built in the city building roof of photovoltaic power generation projects. This kind of project must be connected to the public power grid, and the public power grid is the power supply nearby.

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