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AKZO NOBEL launched the "people - city" program, and work together to carry out research projects in Holland metropolitan construction firm
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AKZO NOBEL announced, with the world's leading architectural design firm - Holland metropolitan construction firm (OMA) to jointly develop a global research project for the association between color and economic development.
Will a city be more visually attractive to the extent of the impact of the economic development of the region? This will be the core content of the new research. OMA's findings will have an important impact on AKZO NOBEL's latest release of the city's reform plan.
The cooperation project officially announced at the fourteenth Venice international architecture biennale. OMA co-founder, renowned designer Rem Koolhaas (Rem Koolhaas) for the Venice Biennale chief curator.
Akzo Nobel, global chief executive officer Tang Bona (ton u b chner) said: "to the fifties of the 20th century, more than 75% of the world's population will live in cities. AKZO NOBEL has 60% of its products and construction, infrastructure, as well as the end user of the transport industry is closely related to the process of global urban transformation in the current process plays an important role."
"As a corporate citizen with a sense of social responsibility, AKZO NOBEL strives to make use of our expertise to make life more dynamic, creative and dynamic in cities around the world." Tang Bona continued, "we want to break the concept inherent in most of the people and make the city not only meet the functional needs, ordered and people established ties of emotion. This is the intention of the people and cities that we have today. The declaration proposed that we believe that the global city should pay attention to the problem, including color, cultural heritage, transportation, sports, education and sustainable development. We are very pleased to be able to work with Mr. Koolhaas and the Holland metropolitan construction firm to carry out this study. Believe that this cooperation will make an important contribution to the creation of a more humane urban environment."
Koolhaas said: "it is well known that the color of the building can affect people's emotions. However, the charm of color is more than that. It affects our perception of the world, and can be injected into the city from the social, cultural and economic aspects. This study will combine our expertise with AKZO NOBEL, we want to be able to all the important participants in the city environment, whether it is a designer, developer, or the city's government departments and each resident, have been inspired and touched."
The Venice Biennale held once every two years. This year's theme is "(Fundamentals)" and the three display areas, respectively, of Architecture Elements () Monditalia () and Modernity (1914-2014) (Absorbing) () (1914-2014). This year, the exhibition will continue until November 23, 2014.
"Person and city" plan in action
AKZO NOBEL's "human and city" program is built on the existing numerous initiatives. These initiatives include dominated by the staff of the community public welfare projects, "color", let 's colour) project, art fund, and we and Amsterdam, the Netherlands National Museum (Rijksmuseum), the United Nations Educational, scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Johan Cruyff Foundation (Cruyff Foundation) and other external partners to join hands to carry out projects.
In order to highlight AKZO NOBEL's commitment to help the global city to upgrade, Huan Xin and determination, in the event of the day, AKZO NOBEL made Venice's Stefano Santo square turned into a temporary Cruyff Stadium (Court Cruyff)". The long-term establishment of the Cruyff stadium in various neighborhoods throughout the world, the stadium is designed to provide a safe environment for children who lack of sports venues.
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AKZO NOBEL introduction
AKZO NOBEL is the world's leading manufacturer of paints and coatings, and is also a major producer of specialty chemicals. We supply innovative products for the global industry and the vast number of consumers, to create a variety of sustainable solutions for customers. We owned brand line-up peak, with Dulux, Jin Sikkens, International (International) and Eka (Eka) and other famous brands. AKZO NOBEL is headquartered in Amsterdam, Holland, we have always maintained a leader in the field of sustainable development. We are widely distributed in more than 80 countries around the world's 50000 employees strive to provide the leading products and technologies to meet the rapid changes in the market's growing demand

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