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International class event in 2015 Asian attractions (AAE 2015) on the successful conclusion of the Hongkong
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(June 30, 2015) the "2015 Asian scenic spot (AAE 2015)", sponsored by the international amusement park and the scenic spot Association (IAAPA), has been successfully held at the Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 19 to 16 June. As Asia Pacific area attractions industry the only international event, the Expo successfully attracted from around 8500 people in the industry gathered in, exhibition area and the number of exhibitors are refreshed all previous records, held during the authority of the Education Conference for attractions industry professionals understand industry cutting-edge information, learning professional skills provides a valuable learning opportunities; in addition, held in Hong Kong famous attractions featured social activities greatly from the industry, activity places are all sold out.
According to preliminary statistics of the organizers of the show, the scale of this Expo is unprecedented, a total of 74 people from mainland China, Hongkong, the United States, Philippines, Japan, Thailand and other 8500 countries and regions, compared with the Expo held in Hongkong reached 67%, of which professional buyers reached 91%, its growth rate is 6100. The Expo's buyers are from the world's theme parks, water parks, home entertainment center, zoo, aquarium, museum, science center, resorts and development and investment business operators, executives, managers and other senior business executives.
40 countries and regions of the world's 353 exhibitors gathered in this fair, the exhibition space of 9432 square meters, a comprehensive display of the most cutting-edge innovative products and services at home and abroad. These include: high-tech multidimensional motion simulator, all kinds of roller coaster, a new generation of video game concept, immersive theme, design elements and services, interactive water slides and other.
During the Expo in Hong Kong Ocean Park, held by the IAAPA scenic spot management industry is highly respected, all the seats are sold out. IAAPA security professionals are in hot pursuit of the same scene, unprecedented. This international event attracted from global attractions industry authoritative leader collective debut education conference, they attended and close contacts and share insights, speech topics include: Asia's new development and implementation of effective human resource strategy, create a risk management plan, the development of enterprises recovery strategy and start the social responsibility of the enterprise project, use the brand to promote business, advanced multimedia technology to tourists attraction and objective marketing.
Mr. Noland Paul, President and CEO of IAAPA, in 2015, the Asia Expo site, said happily: "the Asian attractions Expo in different cities in the Asia Pacific region, we sincerely thank each of the regions for the Expo to give unique charm. The successful hosting of the Expo in Hongkong reflects the booming development of the scenic spots in the Asia Pacific region growing strength."
Gao Huanqin, vice president of IAAPA Asia Pacific, said: This is a great industry, very pleased to see the operators and suppliers from around the world gathered here in Hongkong, during the high standard of Education Conference and the popular special event to make me remember. Obviously, these activities satisfy the curiosity of many professionals, to make them in the acquisition of new knowledge at the same time, also be able to the establishment of a strong personal connections with from across the Asia Pacific region and the global industry leaders. "
2015 Asian attractions Expo scale unprecedented, a number of records:
353 from 40 countries and regions of the world's leading manufacturers exhibitors, show the forefront of innovative products and services, the exhibition area of 9432 square meters. The number of exhibitors and the exhibition area are the most of the expo.
6100 professional buyers from 74 countries and regions gathered in this, to find the best suppliers, participated in a number of educational conferences and a series of highly respected exchanges. Successfully learn and acquire new ideas, to understand the important trends in the development of scenic spots.
Education conference to participate in the number of people broke through 1500 people, including IAAPA attractions management college, a total of 60 people participated, more than 130 people attended the IAAPA Security Institute, 70 people participated in the youth forum held in Hong Kong Ocean Park.
Industry leaders breakfast will attract more than 380 people arrived at the scene, the world's largest theme park operator Six Flags entertainment group president, chairman and chief executive officer Jim Reid Anderson Mr. served as guest speakers and share insights.
A total of 90 people participated in the visit to the Ocean Park.
Hongkong Disney Park of the night (opening event) to attend the number of more than 650 people.
52 people registered to participate in the Expo Tour Tour - Changlong ocean Kingdom, held in nearby Hengqin island.
2015 Asian attractions Expo industry vigorously support, including platinum sponsor Guangzhou Chimelong group and Dalian Wanda Group; gold sponsor FUNA a W & auml; rtsilä company, Galasys, Kinmen and Matsu entertainment technology, JRA, Mack rides, Pictureworks, RhetroactiveDesign, the ampi group, and white water water park and entertainment attractions; silver sponsor kraftwerk living technologies. This fair is more access to the Hongkong conference and exhibition development department and Hongkong investment promotion agency as a support agency.
2016 Asia attractions Expo is scheduled for June 13-16 in Shanghai New International Expo Center held a grand, the current booth sales are unusually hot, please visit's official website IAAPA view 2016 exhibitors information. More details of the Expo will be officially announced at the end of 2015, please pay attention to the official website information!
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