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The realization path of the Boao forum for Asia on China "ecological dream"
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On the evening of April 10, 014, 2014, boao Asia BBS "ecology, a new urbanization" theme dialogue was held in boao Asia BBS international conference center. Branch of the eastern ecological support strategic planning research center of tsinghua university, in politics, academia, financial and business elite at home and abroad nearly hundred people, is China's "ecological" dream realization remarks at the scene.




As is known to all, China's urban ecological problems increasingly serious, the environmental pollution governance construction and urban ecological planning as a whole is facing the top design and implementation of the problem of weak. Ecological construction of national consensus has formed, how to overall planning and to promote the implementation of become the top priority.


"Ecological, new urbanization" branch, to explore new ideas, new methods of urban ecological construction, new vision in-depth development of the international dialogue and communication.


Famous CCTV host Mary as a branch of the host, the Chinese academy of engineering, China institute of water resources water conservancy and hydropower, honorary director of wang hao, the Chinese academy of engineering, a researcher at the Chinese academy of sciences ecological environmental research center ru-song wang, yangzhou city mayor Zhu Minyang, wing lung bank co., LTD., chairman, former China merchants bank President ma weihua, Beijing Oriental garden shares co., LTD., chairman and President of any female opportunely, zhong ZhuLiMing together, chief executive of the combined group focused on ecological construction under the new urbanization and development prospects, summit talks, the realization of the "China dream" ecological "path, discuss reached broad consensus.


Wang hao academicians pointed out that the water ecological management is a very complex problems, including water safety, water environment and water ecology, water landscape, water culture, aquaculture, water economy, involving various government departments, involves early consulting, planning, design, construction and operation management. Really need a capable company in China, integration of resources, to serve the government, promote ecological development.


Member of ru-song wang stressed that the new urbanization construction, the first thing to solve the problem of environmental accountability. Such as beijing-tianjin-hebei region focus now 28 eu countries all of the production of steel, 40 million tons of coal, 7000 km highway, 24 million vehicles, add up all the items is much bigger than that of the environmental capacity. State the relevant environmental protection department, project examination and approval departments, local governments are partly responsible.


Zhu Minyang mayor, said that a third of the area of yangzhou city is water, city and 10 65 classes of water. He stressed that the government should take water governance by the industrial structure adjustment, reversed transmission quality of the population has increased, this is the basic consideration of water ecological management.


ZhuLiMing President pointed out that ecological enterprises want to get benefits by chain operation. In the construction of ecological demonstration area development, must be in line with "ecological priority, production integration, culture support the idea of", speed up the transformation of development mode, pay attention to the management of the protection of water resources and water pollution.


Mr Ma President pointed out that ecological enterprise is a great cause, can make society better. In his remarks, he advocated green finance, emphasize the enterprise to apply for a loan projects must be no pollution. He suggested that a through ecological tax, set up the ecological funds, developing ecological insurance, all sorts of financial products, such as ecological bonds to support the development of ecological service.




How clever female chairman pointed out that the east garden actively response to the prime minister li keqiang's call that "to" resolutely declares war on pollution in pollution control of the front line, fulfill corporate social responsibility. She has a beautiful dream "ecological", after ten years of hope, let those compatriots because of environmental problems immigration to return to the embrace of the motherland beautiful.


The dialogue for the government, financial institutions, academia, business to deepen cooperation agglutination consensus, set for the first time to answer the realize China's dream "ecological" technical solutions, financial solutions and global responsibility. China, to achieve the "ecological" dream need to enterprise's innovation practice, need national policy support, also need the international resources in such aspects as talent, capital, management, technology support. The feast of the thoughts and wisdom, will inspire the parties in the field of ecological construction under the new urbanization better cooperation.



-- the end --


East ecological strategic planning research center of tsinghua university


The eighteenth big ecological civilization construction into five one overall arrangements for the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics, emphasize the construction of ecological civilization in a more prominent position, blend in economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, social construction and the whole process. On January 22, 2014, the central comprehensively deepen reform group six special team was set up for the first meeting, the reform of economic system and ecological civilization system special group ranked the first, enough to reflect the central government to the construction of ecological civilization and attaches great importance to environmental protection, is enough to reflect the ecological civilization system reform urgently.


Promoting ecological civilization construction, the relationship between the people's well-being and future of ethnic groups, and the smooth realization of the goal to build a xiaokang society. For further research of strategic reform and construction of the ecological system, tsinghua university and Beijing Oriental garden shares co., LTD., he, was established in August 2013, Oriental ecological strategic planning research center, tsinghua university. Center aims to support the strategy of the construction of ecological civilization in China, tsinghua university planning research and development of the related disciplines, in order to through the comprehensive and interdisciplinary platform construction, realize the linkage of the talent training and discipline construction, promoting the ecological areas of production, for the long-term development of the national strategic needs, promote the ecological environment of besides comprehensive breakthrough.


Center is equipped with six research: strategic planning research, ecological urban planning research, water ecological planning research, ecological landscape planning research, ecological restoration planning research laboratory with water conservancy project planning. Has the Chinese academy of sciences, Chinese academy of engineering, led by guidance of advanced research backbone personnel 12, is ecological environment academic industry leaders for many years.


This center is in accordance with the features of the construction of the think-tank pattern in colleges and universities, high level research center, is committed to in the form of subject leading multi-disciplinary teaching and research work, around our country's economy and society's most urgent in the construction of ecological environment problems, explore the forefront of ecological strategy development and international cooperation model, realize the complementary advantages of production, study, in order to solve the ecological problems of contemporary China and the world, for the benefit of humanity.

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