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On July 10, by building tianan digital China industry association
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On July 10, by building tianan digital China industry association, shenzhen longgang metro co., LTD., German institute of FTA, huatong international, know all the learning supported by "value innovation, cross-border exchanges, China industrial real estate value innovation BBS" held in shenzhen. From the government, real estate development, financial investment company, planning and design units, investment operations, science and technology company, incubators, science and technology, Internet companies and senior industry experts, head of the nearly 150 guests industry real estate value innovation, the industrial park, the park and trend, park operations and industry, its incubation views collide with a guest, such as hot topic and discuss.


To attend this BBS guests from all over the country's industry of real estate related areas, tianan digital unit mainly from shenzhen metro, DTZ, Germany FTA, the hang seng science park, huatong international arena, Internet service industry base in shenzhen, sky, knowledge learning institute, shenzhen consulting win 1980 guest room investors, guangzhou city, shenzhen jia Henderson, Evergrande the perfume company in shenzhen, shenzhen midtown new industrial holdings, China merchants development zone in zhangzhou, wanda group, hisense real estate, in guangdong, into a wide Thai investment, hundred, jiangmen cloud valley science and technology research institute, China railway new bo industrial park, shenzhen China merchants real estate, real estate, anhui huier industrial park, shenzhen investment co., LTD., bank's holding, in shenzhen silver guang sheng DE holding investment co., LTD., shenzhen real estate co., LTD., shenzhen is the asset management co., LTD., shenzhen cheng is into real estate, yantian, centaline property, urban construction group, the real estate investment co., LTD., dongguan guangda real estate development, henan through automation, shenzhen blue design, architectural design institute, guangxi China shenzhen tongji people built, jiangsu sen, a teacher, the United States JWDA, Aedas, shenzhen, chongqing l&a, jiang feng design, residential architectural design and research institute of Beijing, built in hangzhou company, locate in guangdong engineering, shenzhen led yue architectural design, latitude, jie tao ØÎ architectural design planning, shenzhen city, sichuan province, British FORMDO (Shanghai) industry at home and abroad such as real estate company.


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